It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to our centre on behalf of our entire university community: teaching staff, students, and administration and services staff. The School of Business and Public Management of University of Zaragoza, is located in Huesca, a campus located at 70 kms from Zaragoza.

Huesca is the capital and the geographical centre of the region of Alto Aragón, the cradle of the former Kingdom of Aragon, with an excellent strategic location that constitutes a junction of communication between the valley of the Ebro and the Pyrenees, between Pais Vasco and Catalonia, and close to France .

It is a quiet and friendly city with a high quality of life. The city has intense cultural activity and, from ancient times, has been characterized by a great educational vocation. This privileged environment where we find ourselves is the one we want to share with our students.

Since it was created, our Centre has pledged its firm commitment to the maximum quality of teaching, to the scientific rigour of both theoretical and practical training, to the best relationship of the student with the company and to the mobility of our students, not only within our country, but also in the rest of the European Union.

The main axis of the teaching activities revolves around the Degree in Business Administration and Management, the Degree in Management and Public Administration, the latter in two modalities: face-to-face and distance learning, and the Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning.

Bachelor in BusinessBachelor in Public Management Master in Tourism

We are an open centre and are convinced that communication between the university and society has to be continuous and strong. We hope to reach the highest quality in the responsible performance of the three basic functions of the university: education, research and social, cultural and service approach towards the society sustaining it.

I our website  you will get the information you need. For further information, we invite you to visit us and, of course, do not hesitate in contacting and send us your comments and suggestions.

Thank you and welcome.

Postal address:



Pza Constitucion s/n



Director: 0034 974 239305

Vice-Dean for International affairs: 0034 974 239381

Administration:  0034 974 239389

International Affairs coordinator for Huesca Campus: 0034 974 292535;

Buddy Campus Huesca: INTERHUE@UNIZAR.ES. Student available for helping incoming students in Campus Huesca at the beginning of each semester (Approx.: second week September to end October and second week January to end February).

Plan Tutor en la FEGP

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El objetivo del PROGRAMA TUTOR es apoyar a los estudiantes que llegan a nuestro centro, asignándoles un profesor que les apoye y asesore en las dudas que puedan surgir sobre el funcionamiento de la Facultad, trámites, manera de abordar los estudios, matriculaciones, etc.

El tutor orienta sobre cuáles son las mejores estrategias a seguir, así como las personas con las que el alumno debe ponerse en contacto para resolver temas concretos.

En la FEGP contamos con profesores tutores en los grados de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE) y Gestión y Administración Pública (GAP), así como en el Máster en Dirección y Planificación del Turismo. La experiencia de los profesores implicados en este plan desde su implantación en la Universidad de Zaragoza resulta esencial para la integración en la vida universitaria.

Listado de profesores tutores

Darío Badules 1º GAP
Leticia Fuertes 2º GAP
David Ruano 3º GAP
Esther Puyal 4º GAP
Silvia Abella 1º ADE
Estela Sáenz 2º ADE
Vitico Sanagustín 3º ADE
Maria José Barlés 4º ADE
 Ana Monclús  Máster Turismo
José Antonio Moseñe Fierro erasmus in