Erasmus INcoming students

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Study with us at the Faculty of Business and Public Management


Academic information

At our faculty we you can study choose courses from the following degrees and masters (all the courses are in Spanish):


Degree in Business Administration and Management

Degree in Public Management and Administration

Master in Tourism Management



Spanish courses

UZ offers a wide range of Intensive Spanish courses through the Servicio de Cursos de Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE). There are many courses throughout the year with different duration, ranging from 3 weeks to yearly. ELE also offers instruction for specific purposes, such as Business Spanish.
Intensive Courses (45 hours): continuous starting along the academic year, one every semester. 3 weeks duration. Different levels.

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Language exchange with other students

One additional chance to enhance oral skills in Spanish is to do a language exchange with a local student. You can find ads on notice boards at many Faculties and you can also post one. More information
There are plenty of local students willing to practice other languages… if you are interested, please contact


Application form

Date for registration:

  • 1st March to 3rd July for 1st semester or full academic year 2017/18
  • 1st September to 30th November 2017 for 2nd semester 2017/18


  1. Register as an applicant at: Then you will get the username and the password by e-mail. (Please do not change your password)
  2. Proceed with the on-line application at: Please fill the fields and pay attention when introducing the Faculty code that it must be: 228 – FACULTAD DE EMPRESA Y GESTIÓN PÚBLICA.”
  3. Please scan your passport and send it to



The most popular way of sharing your experience in Spain, is to enroll in the University residence or to rent an apartment with fellow students. Moreover, sharing an apartment with Spanish students is a good way to learn more about local customs and improve your skills in the Spanish language and culture. If you prefer to create an international apartment you will get a more intercultural exchange.



University residence

There is a University residence CMU Ramón Acin that provides accommodation for all the academic year for 125 students (51 double, 23 single rooms).

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Apartments and rooms to let

The cost of renting an apartment ranges from 150 € to 300€ per person per month, depending on the area and type of apartment. In most cases, it is necessary to leave a deposit equal to one month's rent, paid in advance.

  • We have an Accommodation service to help with the room search, and flat mates. Exchange students can ask for accommodation at Please, note that the Accommodation Service provides exclusively information and helps you with the accommodation, but It doesn't assume any kind of property procedures. All further steps to agree a rent have to be carried out by the student on his/her own.
  • Note boards in the Faculty. If you prefer to find accommodation by yourself, you can use some boards on the Faculty's ground floor normally have many ads for apartments and rooms for rent, especially in the first half of September. Announcements are also placed on other Faculties' boards.


Facilities at the UZ

There are 5 computer rooms on the 2nd floor of the Faculty building and some available computers at the library. Students are free to use computers without password and username.
Surf on the net using the UZ Wi-Fi network that covers all the campus (Huesca, Zaragoza, Teruel). Using your password supplied at your registration at the University of Zaragoza (as soon as you register, you will get access to UZWi-Fi).


Academic Intranet: the ADD

Some courses use Internet as a virtual blackboard, through the so-called Anillo Digital Docente (ADD). Students will then have to consult the class materials, and other information needed, or to deliver assignments. If a course uses the ADD platform, the lecturer will give the necessary details in class at the beginning of the term.

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Faculty Library

The Faculty Library is in the ground floor of the Faculty building. Feel free to read and borrow books, journals, DVD, CD and other materials from the rest of the libraries of the UZ. You can also get access to UZ databases and a wide variety of electronic journals.
Hours of operation from Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 21:00.

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Photocopy shop ('Reprografía')

Here you can find course materials, make photocopies, scan documents, etc… It is located in the ground floor of the Faculty and is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 15 to 21:00.



Take a break at the cafeteria is situated in the main building but the access is by the exterior. It offers coffee, soft drinks, biscuits, sandwiches and a daily menu for about 5,40 €. There is also an option of a ticket for 10 menus at the price of 48€. Open from 8 to 20.


Sports and cultural Service

For those who love sports, there is a sport centre close to Faculty. This centre has a gym, basketball and volleyball courts, football ground, Swimming pool. To participate in activities you must become a member of the Sports Service ('Servicio de Actividades Deportivas'), prior to signing up.

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Huesca campus has a cultural service that organizes activities (cine, concerts, conferences, …) during all the year.

Frenetic cultural activities (flamenco, Theater festival, Films festival…) are also available in the city during the academic year.

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